How to refurbish your bathroom cabinet

The cabinet is the life of a bathroom. Without it you can’t get that contemporary look your bathroom needs.

If you are still dwelling with traditional bathroom it is time you think for a change. You have to refurbish your bathroom cabinet and get a great finish. But are you sure how to get it done right?

Bathroom linen cabinets

Well, if it is the first time you are on the job you need to know a few things in advance. It is not that every time you have to go expensive or to spend hours for the right bathroom furniture. Just a few instructions would be good enough to get you a cabinet that will last long time and suit your current decor.

Let us see the instructions in brief:

Determine cabinet finish:

Know about the finish your bathroom cabinet already has. To determine it you can place a drop or two of turpentine on the cabinet and in a discreet place. If the finish dissolves it is wax-based. To know if the finish is shellac or not you have to apply a few drops of denatured alcohol. It the finish starts to dissolve it is shellac. By applying a few drops of xylene you can determine if the finish is water-based.

Prepare the basics:

First, cover up floors and bathrooms fixtures

Second, ventilate the area

Third, use commercial stripper or sand paper to strip the cabinet

Fourth, make sure the cabinet is free from paints, oils, dirt or any leftover stripper. Using vinegar with hot water can help remove oil, dirt after stripping is done.

Fifth, apply the new finish. You may require 2 to 3 finish for the complete make up. There are different ways to refurnish your bathroom cabinet. You can do painting, waxing, staining, varnishing, stenciling depending on the cabinet materials.

You can also do decoupage. This is simply gluing cut-out pictures of flowers, wallpapers onto a surface of cabinet.

Following these ways could give you just the right finish you wish. If you feel the job is not in your forte, consider help from bathroom professionals. They will inspect your bathroom free of cost and then suggest the needful.