How to Compare Storm Window Costs

Storm windows protect a home from inclement weather and can significantly save on household energy costs. There are a wide number of styles to choose from as well as numerous quality local area hurricane windows manufacturers. If you are thinking about getting quotes, it is important to know what to look for and how to compare so you can be confident you’re getting the best quality for your budget.

The most important step is to have at least some idea of what type of storm windows you’d like to have installed. There are a stationary pane storm windows, and operable storm windows, that come in double and triple track, which yield different opening options. Next is determining the material. Aluminum is considered the most durable material, but it is often the most expensive option. Vinyl is also a popular choice for its combination of lower price and durability.

With an idea of what you want in mind, it’s time to get quotes. If you’re like most people these days, turning to the internet is the first choice for finding local area storm window manufacturers. In addition, you can ask neighbors and friends who have had storm windows installed for recommendations. If you choose the online option, you have the benefit of putting in your information only once. Quickly you will have a number of quotes from which to choose. Now comes the time for comparing storm window prices.The key thing here is to make sure each estimate is comparable. You will need to review both the cost of the windows and the labor for installation.

When reviewing the window costs, look closely to make sure each of the windows is comparable in terms of type, style and material. Some storm windows will also have added features which can add cost, but may be worth considering. These include better screens and specially coated glass to cut down on UV rays entering the house and fading upholstery and carpets. Also be sure to look closely at any warrantees

Next to compare are labor costs. This is where costs can differ significantly from installer to installer so look closely to make sure all labor is included to avoid last minute charges. Comparing quotes from quality local area storm windows manufacturers does not have to be difficult if you do a little research beforehand and then closely compare your quotes.